Faerie Garden

Maggie was worried her (wi)Sconsin ninjas that lived under her bed and kept her safe from monsters and the faeries that lived in the vegetable garden were only Sconsin ninjas and faeries and not Maine ninjas and faeries.

To help her with the transition I took two sneaker boxes and put them aside. The night before the movers showed to haul off all of our gear I suggested AnnMarie work on them with Maggie. The two ladies sat down and put stickers on, colored on them and put rocks, leaves, etc inside for the ninjas and faeries to sit on, play with, etc.

The boxes were carefully stored in the car for the drive out. My mom meet us at my In-Laws house and took Maggie to her place for 8 days. This way the Mrs. and I would be able to get some work done and live without our stuff without Maggie underfoot.

Once Maggie was home in her new home and my Mom went back to NJ we starting getting into a routine the best we could during all this insanity. Then it was time.

Maggie was playing dress up a week or so ago with the dress up box and AnnMarie had put her tiara on Maggie that AnnMarie had just unboxed. The ninja box had been up in the closet in her room with the lid partially open. She knew this way they could move out of the box during the day and keep her safe at night.

I put the faerie box out in the new Faerie Garden and brought the ladies outside to the area to show Maggie. She was delighted and opened the box. She found all the things she put in and some things put in by Moms.

She was delighted. She played with the faeries for at least an hour. Below are pictures from the releasing of the faeries.

~The Dad