On the road again

We are all on the road. We saw Uncle Monkey and my AUNT Annmee (she is REALLY my Aunt now!!!) get married Saturday. I had lots of fun at the reception. Aunt Annmee was really pretty and Uncle Monkey kissed her a lot.

Daddy says he will post a bigger update when he can. We plan on being home this weekend.

Loss of a friend

Today we had to say goodbye to Pi. He would have been two in August. Due to complications from medication he went into extreme liver failure in a matter of days.

The vet had never heard of this reaction from this drug. A drug that is a similar has a bad reaction but the percentage of it happening is miniscule. She even searched various resources (online, other Drs, etc) and this was a new one.

He was Maggie's closest friend. They where inseparable. He will be missed by all of us.

Here are some Pi pics. The first one was taken by Maggie.









Nap time fashions

Yesterday afternoon I went to get Maggie out of bed when nap time was over. I walk in and notice something doesn't look right. I pull off her covers and it seems she decided to dress herself. She had on a shirt, a sweater and a pull-up. The reason it looked so different...this was on top of her PJ's. Under her PJ's she already had on a shirt, socks and a diaper. I guess she wanted to be ready for anything.

~The Dad

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