I do call her my Midget Ninja Assassin after all

Maggie has discovered the wonderful world of practical jokes

She has a new trick where when out a public and someone (usually a grandmother type) smiles and talks to her she speaks in a normal tone and cadence and will say something like,"I like putboo", or whatever word she creates on the spot.

The person tries to understand and she repeats it a few times then cracks up as if hearing a great joke.


The earliest humor she was able to express was incongruity. She would say something like,"I eat a car...NOOOOOOO!" Followed by gales of laughter.

Eventually she involved into body part and toilet humor. If she could get the word butt, privates (that one was quashed), poop or pee in it she would giggle with glee.

One day she was using the toilet and I hear hear cracking up. I call out,"What's so funny Mags?"

She replies,"POOP!"

She so takes after her mom. I'd NEVER make such a joke, how embarrassing.

She is transitioning back to the disjointed humor again. Two days ago I while I was in the kitchen I could hear her jabbering away followed by great laugher. I look around the corner and she sees me so she comes running over to me giggling.

"Daddy I'm talking to the wall, it's FUNNY!" she says with glee.

I asked her to show me and sure enough. She walks over and as a grins spread across her face she puts her nose almost up against the wall and starts blathering away until she can't stop laughing about the fact she is talking to a wall when everyone knows they can't hear or talk back.


Lately her imagination has sparked some really fun story telling. I was checking up on e-mail when she walks over and tells me what she had been doing playing in her room upstairs.

"Daddy, I went to Granny's house. Helen and Rheanna were there and we played but Helen wouldn't let me use the paper and that made me very sad. But then the horses showed up and they were REAL quiet. Just like ninjas. So we asked them to play with us and we ate ice cream."

I have never known anyone or that it was even possible to be so vibrant, happy and exuberant as she is.

As she likes to tell me,"I like you just the way you are."

Well Mags, I like you and love you just the way you are too.

~The Dad