What is a family?

Maggie and Daddy are currently doing a touch up paint job in the computer room and I asked her two questions. I quick had to pop over here to post this one. Then back to painting.

Daddy,"Now you paint first and daddy paints after you to finish it. Maggie, what is a team?"
Maggie,"When we work together"

Daddy,"What is a family?"
Maggie,"When we cuddle."

~The Dad

Starting on a new note

Eric's line to Maggie when she gets in trouble, particularly at bed or nap time is, "When you get up, it will be a new day and we'll start over." But once recently, he said instead, "...and we'll start on a new note."

This morning, Maggie had trouble getting out of bed, and once she did, ended up in time out for her continuing grumpy attitude. After TO ended, while I finished emptying the dishwasher, Maggie went into the dining room. I noticed she picked up some paper and her pencils, but figured she had decided to play quietly so as not to get into more trouble before breakfast.

A few minutes later, she came up to me with a piece of paper with some letters on it. "MomMom, here's a note I wrote. It says happy. It's a new note. We have to start on a new note. Here it is!"