Easy rider

Today Moms and Daddy took me to the bicycle shop. The were looking at a bike trailer that is made for me to sit in while Daddy rides. I already have one but it was really cheap. Now that they know it's used all the time they are getting a better one.

As Moms and Dad were talking to the bike guy I was checking out bikes made for my size. Then it happened. I climbed up on one both Moms and Dad thought was too big. You know what? There had it all wrong. It fits me perfectly and I was going fast through the store and steering with no problems.

They bought me that model. I picked out the pink one with bubbles on it. Daddy says the bubbles are a design made of circles but Moms called them bubbles and I agree with her.

When I got home we took pictures of me on my first bike ride around the block. We took a side trip to this big parking lot and I went fast, fast, fast. It was a lot of fun and I giggled for most of it.

Daddy put some pictures up from my first ride. Click the link on the top row that says "First Bicycle".


Daddy had me running around in what Mommy called "commando". I had nothing on from ankles to waist. It was fun and I only peed in the potty like that. I did so good we started trying training panties. TODAY was my first full day keeping them dry!!!

I'm so proud of my Mommy and Daddy and how I trained them to give me stickers and treats when I pee. They learned fast.