The girl has taste

Picked up the Maggie from pre-school. Was driving down the road when she informed me,"I sang Happy Birthday".

I asked,"Who's birthday was it?

She said,"A friend". In her pre-school they call all the kids friend if they don't remember the name. I guess it beats calling them names they hear at home.

I queried,"Did you enjoy singing to your friend?"

It was at this exact point in her development my daughter took a big step in her life. She matured and hit the next level. She had realized one of life's most important philosophies.

She responded,"It's all about the cupcake".

~The Dad

Da plane boss, da plane

Anyone remember the old TV show Fantasy Island? The two main characters on every week were Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Montalban) and Tattoo (Herve Villachez). Herve was Vertically Challenged. No that sounds like he is deficient. He was Gravity Enhanced.


I got home from the gym and the Mrs, Maggie and Boxers are in the backyard. The Mrs is working her veggie garden.

The Maggie sees an airplane flying overhead and starts yelling,"AIRPLANE!".

So as I see my midget in the yard shouting like that I correct her. "No honey, it's Da Plane, Da Plan."

Now she is yelling,"DA PLANE!"

Now I just need a white suit.

Afterwards I break out the tricycle. It's the Radio Flyer brand (purveyor of little red wagon's world wide). It's older, all metal and a bit heavy. Her legs are just a little too short for the pedals so they slip off now and then. She has the concept of pedaling down. It's the whole steering issue.

At one point she went on the grass and got stuck. She got off walked around front. She grabbed the handlebars and moves them around 180 degrees to turn the tricycle around . So they are facing backwards but the tire is still aimed for a straight line. She pushes the tricycle and it reversed straight and didn't turn around. She then rather seriously informed me the bicycle was broken.

I think I'll pay some student driver company to teach her to drive if this is a glimpse into the future.

~The Dad


Royal title bestowed

I was pulling out of a parking lot with the Mrs and Maggie. There is a little girl I'm guessing was 4 years old. She had a frilly dress on with patent leather boots with straps for effect. Mrs and I laughed and thought it was cool.

I said the Maggie should take notes. I then told her she was a kick butt princess. She laughed and repeated it.

I asked her,"Who is a kick butt princess?"

She replied,"ME!"

I asked her who else was a kick butt princess?"

She replied,"Moms"

Then she reflected briefly and said,"Daddy you are a butt princess."

She's three years old. I'm in trouble when she is a teenager.

~The Dad

Sticker chart

We had to go back to potty training basics with the Maggie. She had a did a total revert. The 2 week trip out east didn't help.

Today we made a big deal out of it. She and I went to Staples. Bought some big colored poster boards (5 to a pack). She and I made the chart together on the living room floor. Now every time she goes potty in the toilet she gets a sticker to put on the board for that day. I randomly throw in a huge smiley face sticker to keep it fresh.

She is very excited over the stickers routine. The funniest is when she uses the upstairs toilet. She has to run downstairs before she even puts her training pull up back on to put the sticker up. I hope she keeps digging this method.

This has potential to be a better method then the old one of giving treats. The problem with that was she would save it up and let loose 2 drops just for the treat. 3 minutes later she would do it all again, rinse/repeat. The treats became the focus for her, not the potty. This new method should work better for her personality. Time will tell.

~The Dad