Froggy Feet

After AnnMarie had gotten Maggie up from her nap I joined them. AnnMarie was supervising Maggie picking up the toys in her room.

Maggie had her sneakers on when moms told her to take them off to show daddy. I thought she had two mismatched socks on per usual and AnnMarie was teasing Maggie. I was surprised to see she had on a pair of gloves that are kept in with her bedroom toys.

As I quizzically stared at her new footwear moms asked Maggie to tell daddy what that was. Maggie gleefully called out,"FROGGY FEET!" She had greeted moms the same way.

I had to take a picture. Maggie is wearing her froggy feet and her hair is pushed back with her sunglasses. They have an elastic band that secures them on her noggin. She wears them at nap time to sleep in.

Pasted Graphic

I love my ladies.

~The Dad


Bang the eardrum slowly

Last night I ended up in the ER with Maggie again. Nothing as traumatic as the 3 stitches in her noggin a few weeks ago. She had a bad ear infection.

We did the Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen move and she still hurt. We had also put her in bed with mommy. I went up to check on her at midnight and she was still awake. AnnMarie said Maggie had not fallen asleep. At this point it was time for the ER.

Fast, nice and professional as always. We are very lucky to have such a great ER staff around here. The doc looked inside and saw a minor infection. The he put the scraper in there and pulled out a wad of wax and dirt which dwarfed a raisin. Looking inside again he saw the infection was much bigger.

They put some numbing drops in her and sent us home with a script for Eurythromicin, an anti-biotic to clean up the mess. We hit Walgreens the local overnight pharmacy to pick up the meds.

For a special treat for being such a good girl for the first time I let her pick out a candy as we waited for the pharmacist to fill our order. I walked her over to the section with Skittles (an all time fav of her and Dad) and exclaimed,"Why look, they have SKITTLES!"

She made her choice then and there for Skittles. I love it when a plan comes together. I told her she could eat it on the way home in the car but whatever was left over when we got home we would save for the next day. She was a bit grumpy at this point as should be expected.

So I told her for a SPECIAL treat in the morning when we get up I would make her oatmeal and put Skittles in it. She just stared at me with huge eyes wondering if I was being silly or if her father really was the most brilliant person to walk the planet.

We made our way home. She took all of her meds and proceeded to pass out. Numbing drops in the ear made it so much easier putting her to sleep.

I made oatmeal for us both this morning and put two Skittles on top of hers. Truly the most wonderful thing she had ever witnessed. I am pretty sure she will be talking about this for for a long times.

I do not practice bribing kids to do what you want i.e. clean up your room for a cookie. I do like to treat them with a good time when legit sick. I am so happy this worked out so well for her.

She woke up this morning and was happy to inform me her ear did not hurt. and she was ready for her Skittles. Makes me proud to know she has her priorities in place.

~The Dad


For Uncle Monkey

Uncle Monkey had requested a pic of Maggie and her doll more then once. Today she was wrapping a blanket around the doll to take with her as we went out to run some errands. I remembered the request and had her sit in the chair as I moseyed around for the camera.

I just noticed the perspective makes her feet look huuuuuge.



~The Dad