Pigtails are back

AnnMarie and Maggie had their haircuts yesterday. Maggie is growing her hair into a bob and AnnMarie's never ending quest for a short haircut she likes has continued.

Today AnnMarie tried putting Maggie's hair up in pigtails and her hair was actually long enough. We did that to her hair for a long time before her short haircuts started this summer. Her hair is thick and tangles easy. It wasn't comfortable for her in the summer heat.

I was went into the dining room to check out Maggie's hair when AnnMarie called out ,"Our daughter is the cutest kid ever". Grabbing the camera I went to check it out. After I took the pics AnnMarie wasn't too happy her she had just run her fingers through her hair so her new cut wasn't perfect.

Bah, she looks great if she thinks so or not.

Here are my beautiful ladies. Starting off with two of just Maggie.



From here the pictures are of both my ladies. Starting with Maggie being silly as usual.



Maggie's evil twin sneaks in a picture with moms.



It's the Great Pumpkin

Last night Mommy, Maggie and Daddy prepared for Halloween by carving pumpkins. It was my first time and I got to play in a big bowl of pumpkin guts! I rubbed them all over my hands and arms. Just like using soap when washing up.

I double checked the scooped out parts for seeds in a big bowl. We ended up with 4 cups of seeds so far. Mommy is going to soak them, bake them and we can eat them. I can't wait, I love pumpkin seeds for snack.

These are from last night: